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Alt Text Vision APIs

Content accessibility is key to enabling inclusive and barrier-free learning. Continual Engine is committed to making content accessible by all learners, regardless of disablities. Our suite of Alt Text API Vision products leverage AI in generating accurate, and comprehensive alternative text descriptions for images across several disciplines.

Alt Text API : Math API

Our Math Vision Alt Text API auto generates alternate text for a wide range of math equations categories, and graphs. A scalable, cost-effective, and accurate solution to generate alt text for images in a matter of seconds.

Alt Text Chemistry Vision

With the goal of enabling learners with accessibility challenges to fully engage with Chemistry content, our Chem Vision Alt text API product auto generates descriptive and detailed alternate text for a wide range of organic chemistry images like aliphatic hydrocarbons, cyclic hydrocarbons, lewis structures, wedge and dash structures and more. Scalable, efficient, and accurate, it only takes seconds to create alternative texts for Chemistry images.

Alt Text Accounting Vision

Our Table Vision Alt Text API product generates descriptions for tables of varying complexity across disciplines such as Accounting, allowing all learners to access and analyze data presented in tables. Our proprietary AI algorithms can handle diverse table structures by leveraging deep learning, computer vision, and OCR techniques. By using our tool, it only takes seconds to generate alt text for even complex images such as journals, ledgers, cash flow statements, balance sheets and T-cells.

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